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project 4_process

I had some problems with the images on the final model, but I wasn’t sure if it’s a technical issue or maybe it’s just the problem with the fabric I used on the final model. The images looked fine in Photoshop, but once I ‘place’ them in InDesign, they got blurred and pixelated. So, I had to do a few test prints…

I printed out in grayscale first, but it looked awful, especially the one on the bottom left.

and, I did a color print, and it looked better but still pixelated in some areas…

then, I did my final print, and I am very happy with it as it looks pretty good on the actual print out and problems are barely noticeable…


project 4_12 page publication

here is my publication, it’s a process book on a laptop backpack i did for another class. Doing the master page was not as difficult as I imagined, but organizing the content was a real headache for me. I had a hard time deciding which layout order is the most logical for people… but here it is…

Pdf: Laptop Backpack Process Book

(the file is a bit big, so it might need some time to load…)

project 3_poster in real location

The photos are taken at a bus stop in front of Burnaby City Hall

First Project: Final Images

Here are the real/fake series I came up with for this project.

process continue…

I didn’t quiet like the series I did previously, so I started searching for other source images on Google. Then, I found this website that has many photos of the International Monkey King Troupe.

I then pick this image of the monkey king as my source image.

I opened up this source image as my background layer with Photoshop, and I duplicated it. Then I used cut and rotate to move his arm to the position I want, and I cloned the background where the hand used to be. Also, I replaced the hand and the bow using mask on another layer which gives me this…

Then I used Hue/Saturation and variations in the adjustments menu to try to match the tone of the hand with the rest of the image, and I also added on the violin. After I a few adjustments with the color, I ended up with 2 final versions…

With this version the lighting on the violin is too little which seems to disappear in the background

This one looks fine when it is small like this, but on the actual print, the lighting on the violin is too bright and the white on the bow seems to dim.

I find the most difficult part in the whole process of this project is to search for images that matches with the angle of my other images. My computer got virus attacks while I was looking for images online, sign…have to re-install my Windows again.